Elizabeth Allen Designs

Artist's Statement


Forms found in nature are the inspiration for my work, especially awe inspiring wild animals with which we share our world. Some may be the skeletal homes left behind by mollusks, leaves and tendrils, geometric forms and the endless combinations thereof.


I began working in precious metals in art school in the late 60‘s and I remain enthralled with working with metal to this day. Each metal has its own beauty and presence. The gentle glow, the depth and softness of sterling silver and high karat gold enable me to express grace, fragility and strength in the forms that I sculpt.


I use various techniques to create my work. Many are created with a combination of techniques that include sculpting in wax, casting, forging, fabricating, drawing, forming, and soldering.  All of my sculpting is done completely by hand.  Each original sculpture takes a many many hours of hand carving and evolves slowly. The bracelets require sculpting completely separate originals that are scaled proportionately to various wrist sizes.


I chose to live in the lovely coastal town of Camden, Maine in the mid 80’s and have found endless sources of inspiration from the rich Maine landscape and environment. I had Maine Gem Gallery, a retail location in Camden, for over 20 years. I now work out of my studio and work with various Galleries and directly with my clients.


Each piece of wearable sculpture is a memoir of the sacred beauty in nature, uniquely shared by each person who wears it.


Elizabeth Allen


gold sculpture

wax dog











rough castings












finished pendant

wax bee