Elizabeth Allen Designs

Wearable Wildlife Inspired from the sea, land, and air.

















             Baluga                 Bottlenose Dolphin                  Finback                   Baby Harbor Seal      Swimming Harbor Seal    Resting Harbor Seal               Octopus

Breaching Humpback    Swimming Humpback              Narwhal                            Orca                              Sea Otter                 Green Sea Turtle                 Manatee

          Cougar                                 Frog                              Moose                 Walking Polar Bear               Rhinoceros                    Island Sheep

       Canada Goose               Common Loon                    Penguin                           Puffin                       Saw-Whet Owl

These sterling silver pendants are wearable sculptures. What sets them apart from traditional jewelry is their complete three-dimensional sculptural form.  They are solid and not hollowed out. These works of art are timeless treasures.


Any of these pendants may be special ordered in 14kt or 18kt gold without a chain or with an optional leather cord with gold lobster clasp.  Buyer may specify length of leather cord.  Please contact for a price quotation.